Where your family grows into ours

Board of directors

Cory grant - president

Cory has been the president since 2014. Previously he was a board member for approximately 5 years. Cory has vast knowledge in Startup and shutdown of the entire organization. Cory has a driven plan to move LOC in the future. 

cheryl tourville - vice president

Cheryl is the wife of Jumping Coach Ed Tourville. Cheryl works hard at seeking grants and being the Jumping mom for LOC, as well as many other Tasks. 

beth plante - treasurer

Joined a couple years ago through Loren Smith. She is the out reach coordinator for DHMC . She has devoted many hours to making the books smooth for future generations.

stephanie vallee - secretary

Joined LOC shortly after relocating to Lebanon from Colorado in 2007. Stephanie is our Nordic Liaison and works closely with the ski jumping team and coaches. 

stephanie graudons - board member

Newer board member and wife of Ted Letcher. She came to us as an adventure seeker loving the outdoors. She has a vast knowledge in photography and volunteerism. 

jen grant - board member

Joined LOC around 2004 and is seen at almost all our events. She can be seen making wonderful things in the kitchen. She also works hard on making your experience  the best it can be. 

jeff bagley - board member

Been a board member for many years. Jeff grew up at Storrs Hill when he was younger. Jeff is one of Storrs Hill Ski patrollers.

betty ann heistad - board member

Betty Ann has been a member of the board for a long time. She has been seen in the Kitchen making cookies for many of our youth. She has a lot of public relations, and administrative skills.

amy olson - board member

Amy brings a lot of media relations to Storrs Hill engaging us in the community eye. She can be seen with her husband and 2 little boys around the hill. 

loren smith - board member

Loren has been involved with teh board for a few years now. Over this time he has helped with the on hill operations, donating personal equipment to complete timely tasks.

vacant - board member

Info Coming

support staff

david rappaport - hill manager

ted letcher - ski patrol director

kit creeger - alpine race coach

gary summerton - lesson director

ed tourville - jumping coach

erling heistad - jumping coach

ryan mckeon - jumping coach

ronald goodwin - jumping coach